The 1st IABU Executive Council Meeting Decisions

The First IABU Executive Council Meeting held on 13 & 14 January 2008/2551 at MCU resolved:

1. To hold a summit of the heads of the Member Universities/ Colleges, on the last day of the next coming Bi-annual General Meeting of the IABU [May 2008 at UNDV Celebrations in Hanoi, Vietnam];

2. To form a committee/college of patrons and invite leaders of national Sangha/Buddhist organizations to become patrons;

3. To compose a list of Buddhist classical languages courses on offer at Member Universities with a view to encourage Member-Institutions sign a Memorandum of Understanding between them as part of an effort to promote the study of Buddhist classical languages; the program should to be divided into advanced program and elementary;

4. To develop a database of curricula and related information of Member Institutions, including their website and contact person;

5. To provide relevant information to Member-Institutions to help them in their accreditation process;

6. To publish a journal once a year; for that, to first form a good editorial committee; and to give priority to papers presented at the IABU Symposium while open also to other quality papers;

7. Mindful of "The Regulations on Admission to Membership" as laid down in the Constitution, to approve, for the time being, an application of a candidate-institution to become an IABU member, if an Executive Council member supports the application (Re: Constitution, p. 28);

8. To hold the Second General Meeting with a Symposium, a meeting of Patrons and a Summit of the chief Executive Officers of Member-Institutions for three days from 13 to 15 September 2008/2551 in Bangkok, Thailand, to be sponsored by Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University;

9. At least, the first two days of the General Meeting are to be devoted to the Symposium; perhaps, while the Symposium may continue on the third day morning in parallel with the Summit; the Bi-annual General Meeting is to take place in the afternoon of the third day, after which the IABU Bangkok Declaration will be issued;

10. The theme of the First IABU Symposium is: Buddhism and Ethics, and the seven subthemes or the titles of the panels for which papers are to be called for, are:

10.1 Buddhist ethics and Literature (Dr. R. Panth)

10.2 Buddhist ethics and social development (Prof. Le Mahn That)

10.3 Buddhist ethics and Mind Culture (Prof. Sumanapala)

10.4 Buddhist ethics and education (Dr. Tamas Agocs)

10.5 Buddhist ethics and Science (Prof. Geshe Samten)

10.6 Buddhist ethics and economy (Ven. Xue Cheng/ Dr. Yuan Ci)

10.7 Buddhist ethics and politics (Dr. Yifa);

And there will be one keynote speaker and one guest speaker šC but the details have yet to be confirmed.

The Council also resolved to defer the following matters to the Bi-annual General Symposium:

1. If the Constitution should be amended to include community development as one of our objectives;

2. whether to organize seminars between the Bi-annual General Meetings; and,

3. If individual people can become a member. 14th January 2008 - IABU

Executive Council Meeting Agenda (revised)

1. Appointment of an Hon. Treasurer
2. Appointment of Assistant Hon. Treasurer
3. New members¡¯ list
4. organizer for each sub-theme of the Second Symposium
5. Editorial Committee for the whole Second Symposium
6. Editorial Committee for the IABU Annual Journal
7. Editorial Committee for the Newsletter
8. A committee for electronic resources
9. How to improve the functions of the Secretariat Decisions

1. Honorary Treasurer: from MCU; Assistant Honorary Treasurer: Prof. Takahashi
2. New colleges accepted.
3. IABU Committee for Scrutiny of New Members

3.1 Ven. Prof. Dr. Chisho Namai (Chair)
3.2 Ven. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somjin Sammapannayo
3.3 Ven. Dr. Khammai Dhammasami
3.4 Dr. Tamas Agocs

4. Membership Fees should be put to the coming General Meeting. This year, all fees are excepted, because Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University is paying for all expenses.

5. Organizers are confirmed.

6. One and half a day for papers.

7. Panel discussion will enable members:

7.1 (a) to help our members to get to know imminent scholars
7.2 (b) to hear their learned views
7.3 (c) to introduce IABU to them
7.3.1 Information about Prof. D. Kalupahana
7.3.2 Information about another name by Prof. Stanley

8. Secretariat to consult with the organizers and the EC Chair and finalize the list.

9. If the papers should be translated into other languages: [Chinese/Thai/English]

10. IABU Editorial Board
10.1 Prof. Philips Stanley (Chair)
10.2 Dr. Tamas Agocs
10.3 Ven. Dr. K. Dhammasami
10.4 Dion Peoples (Manager)
10.5 Ven. Dr. Ching Hsin
10.6 Ven. Dr. Phramaha Somjin
10.7 Ven. Dr. Chisho Namai
10.8 Ven. Prof. Jinwol Lee
10.9 All the organizers are on the Editorial Committee for their panels.

11. Organizers of the Summit
11.1 The Most Ven. Prof. Phra Dharmakosajarn (Chair)
11.2 Three Vice-Chairmen (Vice-Chairmen)
11.3 Ven. Dr. Khammai Dhammasami (Secretary)
11.4 Ven. Bhikkhuni Dr. Yifa
11.5 Prof. Chisho Namai
11.6 Prof. Sumanapala Galmangoda
11.7 Dr. R. Panth
11.8 Ven. Phramaha Dr. Hansa Dhammahaso
11.9 Ven. Dr. Yuanci
11.10 Dr. Eko Legowo

12. Newsletter: networking and disseminating information; The IABU Journal will be more academic.

13. The IABU Electronic Resources Committee
13.1 Prof. P Stanley (Chair)
13.2 Ven. Bhikkhuni Dr. Yifa
13.3 Ven. Prof. C. Namai
13.4 Ven. Prof. Jinwol Lee
13.5 Ven. Dr. Yuan Ci
13.6 Ven. Dr. Thich Naht Tu
13.7 Dr. Ravindra Panth

Next IABU E.C meeting: Hanoi, Vietnam. During the UN Vesak 13-17 May 2008. (The meeting will probably be on 15th.)