The First Executive Council Meeting January 2008

Invitations have been sent out to all of the Executive Council Members of the International Association of Buddhist Universities to attend the first meeting of the Executive Council, from 13-14 January 2551/2008. The general aims of the ECM will be to discuss how to strengthen and expand the existing networks of Buddhist higher-education in the world and how to bring about academic collaborations in the short and long terms. The Executive Council will discuss how to implement plans for the IABU Member Symposium in 2008 so that the IABU can grow in stature in the academic world.

For this important meeting, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University is graciously supporting all expenses for the Executive Council Members: air tickets, food, accommodation and transport. We hope everyone has an enjoyable stay in the ‘Amazing’, ‘Land of Smiles’ – and every input will be valuably considered.