Important Instructions for 2nd IABU Conference Panelists

Dear Panelists for the 2nd IABU Conference:

Please take notice of the new program on the conference website:
The new program will be uploaded SOON, version dated 27.4.2012
Disregard all previous versions - for most: your speaking times and placement-order (only for a few) have changed.
We had to include more break times, and less speaking time.

Therefore, please prepare your presentations, not to exceed 10 minutes.
Each panelist will be given a 3-minute Q&A slot.
If you have POWERPOINT Presentations, please send them to our great staff, Ms. Tong.
We ASK that NO PANELIST read from their paper, since we all will have the complete PUBLICATION on hand, at the conference.
Please speak freely on your topic, to get us interested in reading your piece, at our later convenience.

Additionally, our university is still growing, and if you wish to DONATE some books to our humble library, we would appreciate this generosity.
If you have published a book, or your university/members of your faculty have books, that you think we should have in our library, please DONATE some material to us.
Good books that we can use in academics, in the field of religions, or particularly Buddhism are welcome - but all material will be accepted (sciences, etc...)
Please DONATE these Books to the IABU Office, Room D400.
You may place them on my desk.
(Dr. Dion Peoples's desk is in the IABU Office, on the right side, center-desk, below the Air Conditioner!)

We look forward to seeing all of you, and we hope that this new arrangement better pleases everyone.

Thank you, very respectfully,
Dr. Dion Peoples
Manager, IABU Secretariat