Education Opportunity at Somaiya Centre For Buddhist Studies, Mumbai, India

(Office of the IABU Secretariat): 16 May 2012: the Somaiya Centre For Buddhist Studies, Mumbai, India is conducting courses to begin on 10 July 2012. They will have two sessions of courses, in the winter and summer semesters.

They are offering two programs: the Undergraduate Early Buddhist History and Philosophy, for Foreign Students (Duration: 4-5 Weeks); and the Graduate Program in Introduction to Buddhism in India and Abroad, for Foreign Students (Duration: 4-5 weeks)

Both course include 30 hours of lectures, plus two day field-trips. The fee is the same for both programs, USD $1000. This will include tuition, study material, room and boarding.

There will be a daily-morning meditation-session and Dhamma-talk. The method for instruction for the undergraduate program will follow a lecture format, with students expected to participate and engage in debate and discussion, and to have read through the reading materials for each class. For the graduate-program, the method of instruction will follow a lecture format, students will be expected to participate and engage in debate and discussion, having read through the reading materials for each class. The course will focus on a socio-cultural approach and outline the transformation Buddhism underwent as it spread through India and later into Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the Tibetan-region and China. In the process the students will get an overview of the broad divisions in Buddhist practice in the three schools of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. This graduate program will also familiarize the student with the context in which Buddhism arose in India and get a grasp of the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy in addition to an opportunity for personal development. After the completion of this part of the program, students will be able to choose from two options: "Buddhism in the Modern context, and Buddhist Perspective on Modern Economics, Conflict Resolution"; or the other option of "Reading of Buddhist Texts (selected portions of the Bodhicaryavatara and the Dhammapada)."

The Assessment Criteria is the same for both programs: Assessment is based on class participation (10%), a class presentation of 20 mins on any aspect of the course (by the end of 4 weeks, comprising 40% of total grade) and a long research essay (about 15-20 pages) to be submitted at the end of the course (50%).

Please direct all questions to Prof. Sankarnarayan at:

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