Message of Condolence to the Lao Sangha

The Sangha and Fellow Buddhists of Lao

With deepest sadness that we have learnt the passing away of the Most Venerable Dr. Phramaha Phong Samaleuk, president of Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organization on 7 th October 2015 at the age of 100.

He was the leader and figurehead of Lao Buddhists. We respected him as an international Buddhist leader. Many of us admired his energy, vision, learning and hard work for the Buddha dharma inside and outside the country.

The Most Venerable Dr. Phramaha Phong Samaleuk was closely associated with the two sangha colleges in Lao, which are IABU member‐institutions, and their progress. For this, the whole IABU family owe the Most Venerable enormous debt.

On behalf of all IABU member‐institutions, I would like to convey our sincere condolences to the whole Sangha and Buddhists of Lao at this hour of great loss.

May we also be allowed here to dedicate our merits in the hope that they be of some modest help in the holy journey to enlightenment for our highly admired mahathera, the Most Venerable Dr. Phramaha Phong Samaleuk, the late President of the Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organization.

Yours respectfully in the dharma,

Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami DPhil (Oxford)
Executive Secretary, International Association of Buddhist Universities;
Fellow/ Trustee, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies & Buddhist Chaplain to Oxford University, UK

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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