New Year greeting 2010/ 2553

Dear Esteemed Colleagues from All IABU Member-Institutions,

New Year greeting on behalf of the Chairman, all Executive Committee Members and myself. May the 2010/ 2553 bring us, the IABU family, a more productive year in academic networking and cooperation amongst all members.

The IABU is now two and half years old. Very young and thus too soon for any international grouping to claim any real success. Nonetheless, in less than 30 months, Buddhist universities and colleges from all schools of Buddhism and none have come to know each other, and some, indeed, have started collaborating either on a mutual or regional level. Go to any academic conference, east or west, these days, it is hard not to see scholars chatting and exchanging views as IABU members. This is no small achievement. As the founder-Executive Secretary, I must thank you for all the progress that has been possible.

As you all know, we have had a big IABU conference in September 2008; published the first IABU Journal of a decent quality; followed up with the first IABU workshop in May 2009 UN Vesak Day celebrations in Bangkok. I have implemented the two major decisions of this workshop: updating the website with the generous help of IBC, our treasured member, and to open a bank account. I am also in the process of editing the second volume of the IABU Journal.

So far, all the progress has been made possible with the financial support from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University where we have our Secretariat.

We must keep up with our good work. Although another conference is due next year, 2010, because of the limited time for preparation and financial arrangement, the 2009 September Meeting of the IABU Executive Committee has decided that it be postponed a year. So, the second IABU conference will take place in 2011. But we will hold a workshop with all members at the forthcoming UN Day of Vesak celebrations, May 23-25, 2010/ 2553 in Bangkok. The principle aim is to discuss about the second IABU conference: theme, panels, finance, administration.

I believe the New Year 2010 will see us, all Member-Universities of the IABU, take the progress already achieved forward and expand the good work already started to a much bigger scale.

Yours respectfully in the dharma,
Venerable Khammai Dhammasami