Sotapatti Phala personal research project

I am doing a research project about the richness of language with regard to Sotapatti Phala words. I am investigating how many words necessary for Sotapatti Phala there are in buddhist asian languages. For that I ask university teachers to translate a word list into a desired language. What is important for the research project are the number of synonyms. I can sent a copy of the word list to anyone who mails me.

I went to several countries, and asked help of several university teachers but not everyone was willing to help. Where beneficial help is one of the factors that keep the Sangha together.
One university teacher of Nalanda Mahavihar who helped me was dr. Maulichand Prasad. He helped me with the hindi word list. When I went to Varanasi Tibetan university I got help from dr. Anirban Dash, who was applying for a Pali teacher at Pune university the time, and who promissed me that the project would be ended in a few days. He was attracting all the work towards himself but after four and a half weeks, he was unable to finish the Sanscrit version. Also Tibetan and Nepalese version stranded under his guidance. He asked me to change my original project and add a one line description for the meaning of each word, on which I worked for two weeks adding sutta references to each of the words necessary for Sotapatti Phala. Then I was discriminated and no longer allowed to continue my membership of the library, yes I was truthfull all the time nor did I hide anything significant, but I was working hard, and together with dr. Anirban Dash but first that I had a students visa, and later that I didn't had a students visa. dr.Anirban Dash cancelled help to the project out of fear for problems and because I gave food to the monks in the morning between 6:00 and 7:30.
I went also to Nagpur, Colombo University, and the university of Pali and Buddhist studies but they couldn't help me because I couldn't stay with the monks and give food. If the monks cannot help me then the religious climate is not good enough for my research project.

To continue the research project in the languages singalese, thai, myanmar, tibetan, nepalese, laos, vietnamese, cambodian languages.